The Beginning 

Back in 2019, while majoring in Computer science and Game development, a 3rd-year student from Hyderabad always wanted to create something that would revolutionize the gaming industry.

Just exiting his last founded company, he wanted not just to make another gaming company. He wanted to make games that could change how the world perceives them.

Thus, was born KOOLGEN INTERACTIVES, founded by Raunak Bagga.

Meeting Abhinav, Darshan and Levente

For any startup, one of the biggest challenges can be bringing together minds who believe in the company’s vision and are willing to set sail to the extraordinary voyage of achieving it.

So let us introduce you to the people who have come on board over the years of  Koolgen Interactives’ journey sailing around the world.

When Abhinav met Raunak, he instantly struck a chord with the ideologies of Bagga. Over time, their Facebook friendship grew into a strong-rooted relationship that bloomed into Koolgen Interactives. Being high on tech, Abhinav had brought in the expertise for navigating rightly through the vast ocean of technology with his exceptional technical skills.

Teaming up with Darshan’s proficiency to code, delivering high-quality games was further optimized.

Levente Kovacs, who tuned in from Germany, to give our players an immersive gaming experience with his phenomenal game music productions.

Job, Master’s and Raunak

Raunak Bagga has been ambitious in both his professional and personal pursuits. During his final year of, he moved to Bangalore. He worked there for some leading game companies in India. His corporate stint involved working with various companies providing him with practical exposure to the gaming industry.

After spending a few years in Bangalore, he devoted a year to his startup. And then, one fine day application for MA(game design) at Kingston University was accepted.

Meeting Vishvesh and Frinky 

Raunak met Vishvesh at a speed networking event organized for master’s students at Kingston. Vishvesh, an avid gamer, loved what we did at Koolgen. While pursuing M.Sc in Engineering projects and systems management, he joined Koolgen Interactives overlooking the projects and business of the house. 

While in London, Raunak met Miss Creative, Frinky from Indonesia. She is the artist who gave shape and life to the characters of intriguing game storyboards produced at Koolgen.


Koolgen – The brand

Fast forward to today, Koolgen has carved a niche for itself with its unique ideas 

Koolgen Interactives has always been hustling to create a gaming brand with strong storytelling. With countless hours of brainstorming and determined passion, the emphasis is on creating games for social impact. Each and everyone at Koolgen is continuously working with passion and determination to bring about a change in the definition of gaming.  

We dive into deep research to construct a rich storyline. Koolgen is focused to give each gamer an EXPERIENCE  and NOT JUST GAMEPLAY.

Come, play and explore the true gaming experience with Koolgen.


To know more about our work check out our website: Koolgen Interactives

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